CIOitk Introduction with Tim Crawford

cioitk introduction - cioitk #0

The CIO In The Know (CIOitk) podcast is about to launch. In episode #0, I give a quick look at what is in store.

Podcast Episode

Episode Transcript

Tim Crawford:               Companies are looking for new ways to transform their business to remain relevant and differentiated within their industry. Technology now plays a central role in this transformation.

Tim Crawford:               Hello and welcome to the CIO In The Know podcast where I take a provocative but pragmatic look at the intersection between business and technology. I’m your host, Tim Crawford, a CIO, analyst, and strategic advisor at AVOA.

Tim Crawford:               As part of this introduction, I wanted to give you a glimpse of what is in store. Across the industry, there is shortage of stimulating and compelling conversations that both inspire and fuel new thinking for the CIO and executive team. CIO ITK is determined to changed that. In early 2019, the CIO In The Know podcast will launch. CIO ITK is a 20-to-30-minute podcast focused on this transformation. Geared toward a strategic audience, CIO ITK takes on a markedly different spin. Guests on the podcast will include CIOs and fellow executives that bring a fresh perspective to the conversation. Discussions are both provocative and pragmatic while focusing on the intersection of business and technology. The objective is to provide inspiration and fuel new thinking for the CIO and executive team as they look to transform their business. Look for more information coming soon.

Tim Crawford:               For more information on the CIO In The Know podcast series, visit us online at, or you can find us on SoundCloud and iTunes. Don’t forget to subscribe, and thank you for listening.

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