Experience Matters

AVOA brings first-hand experience to the table in unique ways. We focus on the intersection of business and technology while understanding the complexity of the broader technology ecosystem.

Who We Are

AVOA is a research and advisory services firm that works with enterprise end-users and vendors. Our first-hand experience includes leading enterprise IT organizations including as CIO. AVOA leads companies through business and digital transformation while leveraging emerging technologies. Our experience includes working with the biggest brands in technology and beyond.

Areas Of Focus

CIO Leadership

Our work focuses on the role of the Chief Information Officer and the role they play in the broader company from a strategic perspective.


Our work looks at how to maximize the value of data while balancing the opportunities and challenges of effectively managing data.


Cloud computing presents the single biggest opportunity for enterprises. Our work looks at the marketplace and understanding where cloud plays best and why.

man using stylus pen for touching the digital tablet screen


Whether from customer engagement or business operations, edge plays a critical role.