Technology Advisory Council

  • Originally posted: January 20, 2021
  • Last updated: February 4, 2021

Proposal for the formation of a Technology Advisory Council


Technology plays an increasingly critical role in business as much as the lives of American citizens. We have seen the value and detriment that data and information can bring.

The US has reached a point where it is imperative to create a technology advisory council (TAC) of stakeholders to guide leaders in both business and government. Similar to an economic board of advisors, a similar body is needed to guide technology.

While TAC would start with a US focus, long term it could provide a foundation for global technology leadership.


The objective of the TAC would be to provide leadership guidance to US stakeholders which include consumers, businesses and legislators. A cross-functional representation of stakeholders ensures that the various perspectives are considered and provides a diverse set of perspectives for discussion.

The purpose is to ensure growth through economic stability and positive social impact through the use of technology.


The membership of the TAC would include a cross-section of stakeholders that represent the constituents impacted by technology. Those include CEOs of major technology organizations, civic leaders and legislators.

The specific members of the TAC would be squarely focused on the bigger issues at hand over their own self-interests. Diverse thinking is a strength.


The top issues that the TAC would take on represent those currently facing the US today including:

  • Big Tech: Antitrust
  • Cybersecurity
  • Social media
  • Data: Regulatory, compliance and privacy
  • Artificial Intelligence: Use, bias and ethics
  • Technology equality: Access, resources, information
  • Technology education and regulatory guidance
  • Acceleration of innovation
  • Emerging technology
  • Technology leadership

Next Steps

With support of the current administration and potential members, a more formal charter would be drafted that outlines the specific objectives, targets, organization and engagement.