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Riverbed extends into the cloud

One of the most critical, but often overlooked components in a system is that of the network. Enterprises continue to spend considerable amounts of money on network optimization as part of their core infrastructure. Traditionally, enterprises have controlled much of the network between applications components. Most of the time the different tiers of an application…… Continue reading Riverbed extends into the cloud


Upgrading to a mesh wifi network

After several folks asked about a recent tweet I posted about upgrading my home wifi network to a mesh network, I thought I would spend a few words to describe the before and after. UNDERSTANDING THE BASELINE Before discussing the details about the wifi networks and implementation, it is important to first set a baseline.…… Continue reading Upgrading to a mesh wifi network

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Understanding the Network Effect in IT

When discussing the combination of Information Technology (IT) & network, one quickly runs to thinking about cabling, connectors, switches, hubs and routers. However, there is another type of network that has nothing to do with technology yet directly impacts the effectiveness of an IT organization. This type of network involves people, empathy, credibility and humility.…… Continue reading Understanding the Network Effect in IT