Cloud Computing Goes Mainstream

For years, the magazines on aircraft have played a significant role in the direction of technology. Many an executive have returned from a flight brim with interest in an article they read in the airline’s complementary magazine.

For years, the business world has used the Big Mac Index as a financial indicator. Published by The Economist, The Big Mac Index seeks to simplify exchange-rate theory in terms mainstream can understand.

In juxtaposition to indicators, technology articles in airline magazines signal the acceptance into the mainstream.

The May issue of Continental (Continental Airline’s in-flight magazine) contains a cover story on Cloud Computing.

What is interesting is that it’s not a buried story, but rather a cover story right of the front of the publication. Hewlett Packard’s Russ Daniels explains the cloud and how it can be leveraged.

For those that have not been asked about cloud computing already, this is a mass-market way that is sure to cause a new wave of interest.

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