Cloud Computing for SMB: 2012 Update

Cloud Computing is still a hot topic in 2012. For the Small and Medium Business (SMB) community, it is a game changer. Unlike the days of past, cloud computing offers leverage previously only available to enterprise class companies. In essence, cloud computing levels the playing field for SMBs. I wrote about this back in June 2010:

Leveling the Playing Field for the Startup and SMB

Roughly 18 months later, that article still holds true. The opportunities are numerous and within reach today. Many focus on the financial benefits first and foremost. Unfortunately, that is where most stop. What has changed in the past 18 months are the number of solutions available and the accessibility to those solutions.

Look for upcoming posts to address both the opportunities and challenges that cloud presents for SMB. Those are not the same for many corporate environments and need to be well understood.

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