#CIOitk: Are IT organizations headed toward irrelevance?

Several IT executives and CIOs (former and current) turned a Twitter conversation about the ‘platform economy’ into a candid conversation about the core issues facing IT. Is IT facing such a dire downward spiral? And if so, is it too late to course-correct?

Why are these conversations important? IT executives learn from their peers, however, there is a general lack of transparency, not to mention quite a bit of fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) in the market. The goal of these conversations is to cut through the noise and quickly get to the heart of the issues. Enough of the motherhood and apple pie. It’s time to roll up our sleeves, take a hard look at the situation and dig in.

We assembled this group with first-hand experience on the front-line of IT – CIOs ‘in the know’ (#CIOitk) to have a candid conversation about the issues. Together, we will get to the bottom of IT’s value moving forward. Does IT really matter…still? The questions may not be immediately obvious, but when identified and answered, will bring greater impact.


Stuart Appley: CIO of Shorenstein

Tim Crawford: CIO Strategic Advisor of AVOA

Bob Egan: CEO of Sepharim Group

Mark Thiele: EVP Ecosystem Evangelism at Switch


Join us for the LIVE conversation:

#CIOitk: Are IT organizations headed for irrelevance?

Monday, August 3rd at 10am Pacific Time

YouTube Live Stream: http://avoa.co/1ghcTT5

Twitter Hashtag: #CIOitk


In addition to the Twitter chat, feel free to pose questions here. This is an ongoing conversation, not a one-time chat. Looking forward to continuing the dialog in a variety of ways.

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