What makes a good technology platform?

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Companies are driving to transform their businesses. In order to keep up with changing demands, companies must be in tune with their business and their customers like never before. At the heart of these insights sits a combination of data, technology and applications.

Today’s enterprises, and their respective IT departments, are shifting from deep and wide technology expertise to focus on business outcomes. Today, business outcomes are based on data and insights. Two aspects sit at the heart of these insights: Data and speed. Time to value and time to insights are the name of the game.

The modern technology platform

This is where a modern technology platform comes into play. The technology platform provides a foundation in which applications are built on top of. The platform also provides the framework and governance to manage the underlying functions, data and security.

Both customers and business requirements are in a constant state of flux. The modern-day technology platform provides an architecture that is nimble and flexible to grow and change with the ever-changing business demands.

Data sits at the heart of any business today. However, data integration takes time and is increasingly complex to manage. Modern technology platforms provide the framework to manage data and reduce the amount of integration required.

Beyond integration, companies are facing an uptick in the number of regulatory, compliance and privacy requirements they must navigate. Modern technology platforms often provide methods to manage governance across these domains.

At the same time, the technology platform provides the constructs to rapidly build and adapt applications to changing requirements. New forms of development using low-code and no-code methods are also supported for rapid development. By using low-code and no-code methods, companies can reduce their time to value demonstrably.

Aside from the underlying capabilities of a technology platform, the modern approach provides a foundation to attract a wider reaching pool of talent that can work with the platform, the underlying data and the insights. At the same time, the low-code, no-code approaches further reduce the time to value.

Modern technology platforms provide the connective tissue that companies are clamoring for today. As they move further away from the underlying, deep technology management and look for ways to quicker business insights, technology platforms provide the foundation upon which to build the modern enterprise.

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